September 2019

God’s Best In Marriage

Live for The Lord and your marriages will experience the fruit of God’s blessings!  Mark 10:2-12

Dying As If Your Life Depended On It

The key is obedience to The Lord when we know what He wants us to do.    Matt 10:16, 10:34, 8:22, Mark 8:34-38

Spreading Jesus

Don’t be bashful. If the Lord is moving in your heart right now…don’t resist Him…respond to Him.  Mark 4:26-29, 4:13-20


If in the future some evil force confronts you to deny that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God…you need to remember – The demons believe and tremble!! There is no doubt!  Mark 1:24, 3:11, 5:7

The Son of God Wants You

We need to remind ourselves AFRESH of what Jesus has done for us. If you will do this … you’ll really be prepared for next week. mark 1: 17-19, 14-15, 28, 45

The Great Adventure

The Jesus IS The Messiah…and that is exciting.  Is. 40, Mark 1

August 2019

Death, Demons, Nor Hell Itself …. Nothing Can Separate Us

What a wonderful Promise, Nothing Can Separate us from Gods Love.

I Am Convinced!

I hope you are hearing the Lord’s call as I speak these words, I hope you’re allowing your heart & ears to remain open to whatever the Lord is calling you to.  Romans 8:35, 37-39, Romans 13:11-14

Overwhelming Conquerors

Because Christ loves us and we love Him.

Jesus Intercedes For Us

Oh my Christian friends.. we can live this life in confidence of knowing our Lord is for us, with us, and interceding for us when we go thru the trials of this life. Let’s praise Him!  Ps 47:1, Is 55:12,Job 1:10, Romans 8:33-34