October 2019

Make Me An Instrument

As we are strengthened and encouraged by the Spirit, God will do his work in growing the church.

The Holy Spirit Empowers and Encourages

How do we become filled with the HOLY SPIRIT

September 2019


The church lived boldly for Jesus Christ. In humility, in service, in compassion, in kindness, in love, in gentleness, with patience. Acts 10:43, Acts 2:5-12, Acts 3:17, Acts 4:12

The Passion

Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for our sins and the sins of the whole world.  1 John 2:2, Romans 3:25, 4:25, 5:9, Col 1:20, 2:15, Mark 15

Pray, Love, Watch

Pray like crazy, Love like crazy, and Watch like crazy…because the life of following Jesus is hard.  Mark 11-14

God’s Best In Marriage

Live for The Lord and your marriages will experience the fruit of God’s blessings!  Mark 10:2-12

Dying As If Your Life Depended On It

The key is obedience to The Lord when we know what He wants us to do.    Matt 10:16, 10:34, 8:22, Mark 8:34-38

Spreading Jesus

Don’t be bashful. If the Lord is moving in your heart right now…don’t resist Him…respond to Him.  Mark 4:26-29, 4:13-20


If in the future some evil force confronts you to deny that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God…you need to remember – The demons believe and tremble!! There is no doubt!  Mark 1:24, 3:11, 5:7

The Son of God Wants You

We need to remind ourselves AFRESH of what Jesus has done for us. If you will do this … you’ll really be prepared for next week. mark 1: 17-19, 14-15, 28, 45