We welcome you to come & learn about Jesus!

We ‘re glad that you have stopped by.

We’re all about lifting up Jesus and His good news.

He came to earth to bring us salvation.  He came to offer God’s forgiveness no matter how wretched.

He is the reason why we do what we do — (teaching, children’s ministry, service, and even singing)


We value The Bible because it is God’s Word to us.

We value Big and Deep Prayer because we know that God hears & answers prayer.

We value Godly Friendships.  The Bible calls it fellowship and The Church is to thrive on it.

We know that healing for our lives and our relationships comes by devotion to these.
When you get to know Jesus and what He came to do…   
how much he loved and respected people… 
and to know that what he did back then applies to us now —
when you really get to know his heart for you … you will love Jesus!
So we urge people … get to know Jesus!
When you get to know Jesus, you will love him.
When you love Jesus, you want to follow him.
When you follow Jesus, you want to serve him.
When you serve Jesus, you’re life takes on new meaning and real purpose.
When you first give your heart to Jesus, it’s all about what Jesus can do for you…
but once your love grows for him, it becomes about what you can do for him!

The good news of Jesus shapes the very way in which we live life. 

We want to view life and live all of life through the good news of Jesus.
“I am not ashamed of the good news
because it is the power of salvation to everyone who believes,
first for the Jew and also for the Gentiles.” 
Romans 1:16