March 2019

Receive The Crown

Who is it that receives the crown? It’s the one who goes through life’s trial with the wisdom of God.

Ask For Wisdom

How do you ask without doubting? Thank Him for giving it to you after you have asked Him to give it to you! That’s a prayer of faith.

Ordination of Elders

2 men are Ordained to be elders at Northview Christian Church

Gain Strength

Your problems may be bewildering, but your God knows every detail of your trouble. Your ways are not hidden from The Lord.Isaiah 40:28-31, 2 Samuel 7:13, Isaiah 40:12

First Things First

Matthew 6:25-34     God knows our every need. Trust in the Lord.

Delight Yourself

Psalm 37:4,5,6      Galations 2:20        Nurture an attitude of gratitude.

February 2019

God Rewards You

Let us not only earnestly seek him, but encourage others to do the same. He rewards those who seek Him!!

Strength and Help

Name your problem, the Lord is with you right in the middle of it. 

Bessed Are The Hungry

If you will hunger and thirst for Him you will be able to face all the junk that life throws your way. 

Blessed Psalm 1:1-3

Blessing is a deep satisfaction that God gives us.