May 2019

Boasting In The Lord

Romans 5:10-11,  2 Cor 5:13-15, 19-21     God sent Jesus for you and me and everyone else. Will you accept Him today?

Peace! Grace! Glory!

Romans 5:1-2  5:3-9,  Romans 1:16    Let’s rise up and praise Him!  Worship Him! Declare Him Worthy and glorious!

Fully Persuaded

What the world needs now is the good news about Jesus!  Romans 4:1,5,11,12,16-17, 24-25  Eph 1:18, col 2:9-12

Counted as Righteous

Let’s worship the Lord for His magnificent, astounding, goodness to us!  Romans 4:24-25,  1:16, 3:21-23, 4:18-21, Gen 12:1, 17:5-8

Getting Right With Jesus – Part 2

Give others the good news that Jesus Christ is for them, not against them.   Romans 3:22-24

Getting Right With Jesus

John 3:15-17,  Romans 1:18,  Romans 1: 24-28, Romans 3:4   Romans 3:10, Romans 3:4, Romans 3:21-25  Let’s worship this wonderful/fabulous/glorious Jesus who paid for our salvation.

April 2019

Not Ashamed …. But Very Proud of Jesus

Why do you think Christianity is the only way to God.

God Gives Eternal Life

No other God can give you eternal life, so why not believe? It’s the greatest gift of all! 

Rise after 3 Days

He said he would.

The King Is Coming Again

Soon and very soon — we are going to see the King!