April 2019

042119 God Gave Eternal Life

No other God can give you eternal life, so why not believe? It’s the greatest gift of all! 

The King Is Coming

This day is another one of those great days that increases our confidence in the Promises of God

Powerful and Effective Praying

All of us can pray for the Lord to help us…and bring His healing of salvation.  James 5:16, James 1:5, James 1:25, James 5:17-18, James 4:7-10, James 5:19-20

Wholistic Healing

Healing comes in all kinds of ways, there is spiritual healing, salvation of the soul, forgiveness of sin, maybe physical healing will happen…but God’s grace is  sufficient. Let’s worship our Awesome God.   James 5:13-18, Matt. 5:45

March 2019

God Will Lift You Up

Put your eyes on Jesus today, trust Him, and the things of earth will grow dim.  James 4:10,  Psalm 51, Matt 5:4

Resist The Devil – Now

When we see how the Lord fulfills this promise in our lives ……. it brings out our desire to worship Him. James 4:7, Is 55:6-7, Matthew 4:1-11,    2 Cor 10:4-5,  1 John 4-7

Do and Be Blessed James 1:25

We’re looking intently into the laws of God that give freedom and when we do what He instructs…we experience a special moment. James 1:25, Matthew 7:24-27, Psalm 1:1-3  Psalm 100

Good News/Bad News James 1:21

Let’s Worship Him today with hearts filled with deep gratitude of His forgiveness in our lives.   James 1:21   James 2:19

Receive The Crown

Who is it that receives the crown? It’s the one who goes through life’s trial with the wisdom of God.

Ask For Wisdom

How do you ask without doubting? Thank Him for giving it to you after you have asked Him to give it to you! That’s a prayer of faith.


December 2018

A Son is Given

No one has had as much influence in our world and it’s history as Jesus Christ. He is worthy of our worship, and humbly giving our lives to Him!    Matt 1:18-25  Luke 1:26-38  Luke 3:1-15,20  Romans 8:10-17  2 Peter 3:9     1 John5:6-13

Righteous !!!!

Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness which The Lord will give me. That’s a great promise. It’ based on a pursuit of righteousness NOT just believing in God and hoping everything will turn out OK.

Miraculous Presence

God is working in our lives today, there is great hope, there is great anticipation of what God is still going to do through us.

Plug Into the Power

Believe that God will use you to help others connect with Him too.


November 2018

Jesus Points To The Harvest

Matt 9:36-38  28:18-20  John 4:27-36     Jesus Is Coming, and coming Soon.

David – Temple of Praise

1 Chr 22:5, 11-16,1Chr 23:5, 30  25:1,3 ,7    2 Chr  2:1  2 Chr 5,  6, 2 Chr 7: 1-3  Romans 8:31-38  James 1:12       Because God works out ALL things for the good for those who love Him are called to his purposes.  Victory in Jesus.

Ezekiel – Dry Bones Becoming As flesh

Ez. 2:1- 8, 24 -28, 3: 2-6  Eph. 2:1-7  3: 2-6, 20  Mat 24:30-31  2 JThes. 4:16-18  1 Cor 15:50-58  Rev, 3:15-20  2 Cor 10:17  John 14:1-2    God Gives Us Hope!

October 2018

John The Baptist

Luke 1:17–18  3:2-18 1:76-79  John 1:6-8   Jesus is coming to make all things right. We are to prepare a way for the Lord.


This is how Jesus put it. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Who is on the Lord’s side? Who will serve The Lord? 

Days of Elijah part 2

Do you believe in the core of your soul that God can change a person, a city, a state, a nation if we will pray like Elijah? Pray the promies of God.

Days of Elijah Part 1

These are the days of Elijah.

Raised With Christ

September 2018

Fellowship and Service

Col 4: 15-18   the things that tie you down, chain you, keep you from doing what you want.

Faithful Servants part 3

Co 4:12,14 2:1-5  1 Peter 5:8  Col 1:9-12   Know that God is listening, present and answering in ways that He knows is best,

Faithful Servants Part 2

Col  4:10  Acts 19:29  1 Cor 3:8-11  The wages of sin is death, but gift of eternal life is given through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Faithful Servants

Col 4:7  Acts 2: 42  Heb 3:13 Col 1:7  Romans 9:1-3   Pray for a great desire to serve the Lord and His people to grow among us.

August 2018

Think Outward

Our job as believers in Jesus – think upward and pray, think outward – open-doors / grace  / salt / knowledge / wisdom.

Raised with Christ – Prayer Strategies

Your walk with the Lord is the most important relationship you have – Nurture it.

Raised With Christ: WORK

Since you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts and minds on things above.

Raised with Christ Family

Oftentimes, our responses are based on what other people do to us instead of our relationship to Christ. We cannot control others, but we can control our faithfulness to Christ as we seek to walk in God’s original design for the family.

July 2018

Just Do It

Col 3: 12,15,16,17  Whatever you do in word or deed, DO IT all for the glory of God.

Richly Dwell In your Hearts

Make Christ’s words live & dwell in your hearts and minds
Luke 19:39-44 Col 3: 16   Jer 31:34  2 Tim 3:15-16   John 17:3     Give Thanks with a grateful heart.

Experiencing God

May 2018

Experiencing God’s Work Through Me

Col 3:5-17  Psalms 119:33-40            God wants us all to hearts that want to know the Lord.

Experience God Through Obedience

John 14  Deut 28:8   Jesus wants a relationship with those who follow him and serve him.

April 2018

Adjustments Needed To Follow The Lord

What adjustment is the Lord asking of you today? Follow him. You’ll never regret it!

Faith Requires Action

Faith is based on God’s power, not on human wisdom.  Matt 14;31  17:20  8:26  6:30 Mark 10:27  Heb 11:6  Is 7:9  2 Chron 20:12, 15, 17, 29

I Believe In Prayer Because…

I believe in Prayer…..because I believe in the ONE I am praying to!  Luke 11:1  5:16  James 4:3  Mat 18: 19,20  9:38  John 16:24

He is not here, He is risen!

The creator of the universe humbled himself because He loves you like no one else loves you.   Luke 12:20, Matthew 16-21, John 10:17-18, I Cor 15: 3, 12-20, 52-58

March 2018

God Speaks To You – 4 – Thru The Church

God’s ways and thoughts are higher and greater than our ways and thoughts.  Heb 3:13,14  Gal 6:1,2  Eph 4: 11-16 I Cor 12: 12-36 I cor 13

God Speaks To You – 3 – Thru Circumstances

God speaks to us daily in the events in our daily life.

God Speaks To You – 2 – Thru Prayer

Eph 4:29  Jer 33:3  Acts 10:1-8 10:18-29  Eph 6:10-17  8:18-29   Rev 1:10 Romans 8:9,10,26

God Speaks To You – 1 – Thru His Word

God is working in our world: He works in us, through us, and around us. Today’s message: we can hear God speak through His Word, The Bible.